Frame with Wire

Frame with Hanging Wire

When you purchase a painting, or giclée print, from a gallery or frame shop chances are they will have a hanging wire on the back. If you are not used to hanging frames with wire, we found some videos that will help guide you on hanging your artwork.

To give you a brief background first, hanging wires are the method of choice at galleries because they are the most reliable way of hanging art, during exhibitions. They are the easiest method for galleries that use a track hanging system.  At home, hanging a frame, with a wire hanger is just as easy though. Below are some quick watches at how-to hang your work.



How to Hang a Wire Mounted Frame, by picturesplushawaii
Description: Wondering how to to hang your new frame after installing a wire mounting kit?


How to Hang a Picture : How to Hang Pictures with a Wire Hanger, by expertvillage (Expert: Bobby Hester)
Description: Learn how to hang a picture with a wire hanger from our expert in this free interior design video on techniques and tips for hanging pictures..


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