An essential part of displaying your work is making sure it hangs correctly.  We recommend installing hanging hardware and using framing wire. You can read more about the various hardware in our blog post “Tips: Exhibit Hanging“.

We found some helpful videos on how to install framing wire (hanging kits) and making your work look the best it can, for hanging in an exhibit or on your clients wall.


Mount a Wire Hanging Kit, by Pictures Plus


How to Frame Black and White Photos : Add Hanging Wire to Frame Black & White Photos, by Expertvillage (taught by Minnie Bell)



NO Loose Hanging Wires. Loose wires cause work to hang too far away from wall.


We recommend keeping the framing wire fairly tight. If it’s too loose the frame will hang too far away from the wall, as this diagram shows.

Keep in mind that the wires will stretch/loosen slightly over time of being hung, so any time you submit your work in an exhibit, or sell your work, make sure the wires are tight.





If you have any tips you’d like to share with other artists, let us know and we may publish it on our blog or on our Facebook page.