David Day began woodturning in 2000 by making bowls, candlesticks, vases and bracelets. “I had little experience working on a lathe, so that my first attempts at producing a bowl or a plate were pretty uninspiring” revealed David. He spent a couple of days, working with a friend who was an accomplished turner, learning much about tool use and how to put wood on the lathe. As he became more proficient at his craft, he began to explore alternative shapes and designs, adding texture and color to his turnings.


For the next few years, David focused on turning bowls of various sizes with all of them made from woods native to western NY.  In the process of learning bowl turning, He came to discover the beauty of wood – the hue, grain, imperfections that make some pieces burst with color and design, plus understood the ways in which finishing can enhance the woods beauty. ”I then began to experiment with design.  I was no longer satisfied turning bowls and plates” added David. He began creating more and more pieces with an aesthetic, as opposed to purely a functional value.