There are many benefits in buying from local artists. Here are our Top 5 Reasons to buy from local artists, such as from our River Gallery Members.

  1. It’s Familiar – Many artists create work based on their location. Painters may paint local scenes, photographers may capture local landscapes, and sculptures may use local materials.
  2. Supports the Community – It helps support the economic base of the community, since many artists purchase from local businesses, and may be members of local societies and galleries.
  3. Custom Art – Many artists will create art from commissions. If there is a favorite place, color, or thing that is close to your heart you may commission a local artist to create something just for you.
  4. Better Service – Art is a labor of love. When you buy direct from a local artist, they will take the time to get to know you and what your needs are.
  5. Good for the Environment – Many local artists buy from local recycle and salvage businesses, as well as recycle and reuse their own scrap parts.



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