Have you ever wanted to sample a specific color, for reference, to use in a painting or artwork, or while out shopping? The Adobe Color CC app may interest you then. Here’s my review for it.


Product: Adobe Color CC
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Price: Free
Reviewed by Kristin

What Adobe Says:
Adobe Color CC is a fun and simple way to capture inspiring color combinations wherever you see them. Simply point the camera at something colorful and Adobe Color CC will instantly extract a series of colors. You can share your themes with friends through Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also share the image that inspired the theme.

What I say:
It’s a nice simple app, if you want to remember a color combo you really like. I like the fact that you can point, on your phone, to different areas to capture a specific color. I found it very helpful, while out shopping for supplies, since it helped me match the colors I needed. It’s nice that you can save different themes and even tweak them if need be. I also like the fact that you can choose to save colors from a live camera shot or photos already on your device. I does give you the RGB and HEX values for the colors, except there’s no CMYK.

Simple to use, Free, can sample colors from live and save images.

Generates only RGB and HEX values.



If you’re curious about the App, and you are in the N. Tonawanda area, you may stop by upstairs at Pencil in the River and ask me to show you the app.

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