Recently, we’ve begun creating a better atmosphere in our Store. Why stop at a new website, right? The River Gift Store is getting some much-needed attention this year too.

We are reorganizing the walk through areas, so it’s easy to move through, and de-cluttering some of the other areas as well. We removed one of the shelving racks, and it’s amazing how much more spacious the store looks now.  We also angled the checkout area, and moved the display cases next to each other, for a better flow when you walk in.

We can’t thank our contributing artists, friends, and staff enough. The store already looks amazing… and we’ve just begun!

So, if you’re in the area, stop by our store on Webster Street, in North Tonawanda, and check out the progress we’re making! Store is open Wed-Fri: 11-4 and Sat: 11-5.