As artists we are always getting dirty with paint or other substances. Here are some helpful tips and videos, with tips on how to remove paint and such from your hands and clothes without harsh chemicals.


How To Remove Oil Based Paint From Your Hands/Brushes NATURALLY, by electronicsNmore
Description: An excellent quick tip for my viewers on how you can remove oil based paints from your skin, paint brushes, and other surfaces that have not fully dried without using harsh chemicals. This method can also be used on tacky/sticky/gummy fingers.


How to Get Dried Acrylic Paint Out of Your Clothing & Fabrics NON-TOXIC, by Michele Theberge
Description: You can purchase Winsor & Newton’s Brush Cleaner and Restorer at art and craft supply stores. Please support your local shops whenever possible!


Fast Orange Hand Cleaner:

Many mechanics have been using Fast Orange for years to wash their hands of grease and oils. Artists will find this to work well with many paints and art substances as well.  You can purchase it at a variety of local stores, including Walmart, Lowes, and The Home Depot. Here’s a review for it.

Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Review Demonstration Natural Citrus Formula, by HotDayPleatherSeats
Description: If your hands are greasy grimy, do yourself a favor and clean them with this stuff. There’s a few different brands, another is called “Orange Goo” or “Goop” I don’t remember, but it’s definitely worth it to use if you want to clean your hands fast.


Here’s some more tips we found on WikiHow:

How to Remove Paint from Skin


Let us know if any of these tips work for you, or if you have any tips to share with us.



River Art Gallery is not in association with any one product, and these are just tips we found. Please direct all concerns and questions to the company of the product you are using. Please use all cleaning products with care.