Dennis Bertram, one of many artists represented at River Art Gallery and Gifts, has published a book, “Complicated: A Plain Talking Artist’s Guide to His Art.” At 146 pages and with over a hundred color images, he describes the meaning and evolution of his art. Dennis, as a youngster, left an interest in art to pursue an academic career in health care only to return to his first passion years later. In this book, he relates through plain spoken language and abundant color images his renewed journey in art and how, from encountering dissatisfaction with his initial artistic efforts, there emerged an original style sourced from his own life experiences and art explorations. Dennis also provides transcriptions of many notes he wrote in sketch books. They provide deep insight into his thinking and struggles to create his unique style that merges a conceptual underpinning with complementary visual imagery. Along the way, he inserts brief technical data, his personal immigrant story’s influence on his art, and the eye-opening history of one of his middle names. This book appeals to anyone who always wondered how do artists develop their personal style. It also appeals to art students who themselves face the challenge of creating a unique vision true to themselves. In its pages, art lovers will find many intriguing images to peruse.