River Art Gallery Resident Member Julie Kirsch

Solo Exhibit at the Project 308 Gallery from July 26- August 30, 2023

Oliver Art Festival: Saturday, August 5, 11-5PM
Closing Reception: August 25, 6-8PM

Julie Kirsch is an artist and philosopher from Buffalo, NY. She is currently a professor at D’Youville University where she regularly teaches ethics, aesthetics, and philosophy of mind. Kirsch incorporates these and other philosophical themes into much of her work. The series on view, “Minds, Brains, Selves,” explores the relationship between our conscious selves and material bodies. How does the physical brain give rise to the experience that we have of a single, unified self? Is consciousness a fundamental feature of ultimate reality? And what happens to the mind when we die?  In addition to works in this series, the show will include portraits, landscapes, interiors, and works from the imagination.