Rosetta Monique Smith


Rosetta is an abstract artist who became involved in this form of art casually. Her attraction to this type of work emanates from a combination of accidental, unpredictable, unexpected and often mysterious circumstances, as well as her general reflections of life.

Repurposing materials to make the intangible tangible at will is her forte.  Her abstract work is comprised of drawings and paintings with an assortment of realistic, collage or mixed-media imagery. Her painted surfaces may consist of various inanimate objects: boxes, pages from books and magazines, floor tiles, wood, ceramic, and of course paper and canvas.

Rosetta actively participates in regional shows, does commission assignments and has works in public and private collections. In 2019, Rosetta received recognition as an Uncrowned Queen with the Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research & Education on Women, Inc. she is awarded for being accomplished in the area of the Arts. The institution is the premier online organization researching, documenting and preserving the regional histories of African American women and men in Western New York and across this nation.

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