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Jake Linkowski

Art has always been a part of my life. It all started when I was a child just sketching with a crayon. Drawing and painting are now a big part of my life. Unlike most artists, I can’t say I am inspired by one particular artist, movement or time period. For me, places that I see or have seen in my life, inspires me to want to capture it on paper or canvas. I create my work in realism with charcoal or by painting with oils. These images can range from the beautiful landscapes of the southern tier of Western New York to the inside of an old apartment. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s something with obvious beauty or not, if it inspires me enough in an artistic way, it is worthy to put on paper or canvas to me. Everything I do has a story behind it, whether it is influenced from childhood memories or if it is from a certain emotion that I feel for a short time that just sticks with me. I also have grown an interest in challenging myself by doing portraits of people and animals.

I studied art in college and have my Associates Degree from Niagara County Community College and my Bachelors Degree from Buffalo State College, both in Fine Arts. When I’m not in the field I execute my work in my studio at home. I have exhibited my work at the Lewiston Art Festival, The Niagara Arts and Culture Center’s Biannual Exhibitions and at many other venues that call for artwork. My goal is to continue to be inspired by the world around me and to create artwork that represents the significant people, places, or things in my life.

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