River Art Gallery’s September 2021 “Solo Exhibition” featuring Jerry Glaser, represents the return of collectables, songs, icons and colors of the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and more. The lifestyle of this era is well loved by many. One couldn’t help but notice how guests at his opening reception became nostalgic for these happy years. Each piece in Jerry’s exhibit seems to draw in the gallery viewer’s curiosity and unlocking memories of their childhood. Some guest simply hummed to iconic Joni Mitchell lyrics, while others broke out in song. Jerry’s work is timeless.

Jerry Glaser has two basic mantras about life: One, don’t take yourself too seriously and Two, never lose your sense of humor. He hopes this is reflected in his work, “My real forte though was embellishing the pictures or photos in my college history books.  Every year, my books would contain pictures of George Washington with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, Woodrow Wilson in an Elvis haircut, or Eleanor Roosevelt in a bikini top. Needless to say, Jerry has an interesting, smart and humorous outlook on the world around us.