Book: Merry-Go-Round by Joan Fitzgerald


Teenage thriller
Paperback, 137 pages

A 15-year old girl who wants to get a summer job comes to learn that an unsavory character is stalking her. Merry-Go-Round teaches an important lesson while taking readers on a suspenseful whirlwind of a ride.

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About Merry-Go-Round:

Fifteen year-old Sherrie Lasker is tired of her parents being so overprotective! She wants to get an after-school job, go out with friends, and have fun like other kids do. When the county fair comes to town, her mom and dad say she and her friend can only go if they are with adults. Sherrie knows her parents have good intentions, but when will they let her grow up? What Sherrie doesn’t know, though, is that she is being watched by someone with bad intentions. She comes close to danger more than once, but makes a narrow escape, thanks to a surprise rescuer.

Published by Marble House Editions, paperback, 137 pages, July 2008, ISBN 978-0-9786745-9-5 For ages 9 through 12.

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