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William McCullagh

As far back as I can remember I have been “doing” art. It has always seemed to come to me without much effort, which was both a blessing and a problem. The blessing is the fact that I can create, I do not really understand where the ability comes from but it is there pretty much when I need it, but as we all know some days it is hard to find. The problem is that I take my ability for granted, sometimes not working as much or as hard as I should, as we all understand too.

I think art is all around us if we decide to look for it. It can be the sunset, the new fallen snow, a flower in a garden, the usual stuff. Everything is art. No matter how complex something is, it starts out as a simple drawing. An idea from ones imagination put on paper and shared with others.

Whether its a rough sketch that goes on to be the plans for a life saving device or the inspiration for a painting, the ability to express the idea to others is important. From the cars we drive to the homes we live, the clothes we wear to the furniture we use, large industrial machinery to true classical paintings, everything is art and it is important. It can also be in the strangest places if we truly see what we look at. It may be this reason why some people are artists and some are not. I enjoy “doing” art, it is what I think I was meant to do.

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