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Matthew Tyree

Drawing is underrated as a form of visual art. It is often viewed as the initial means to a more vivid and creative end in some other medium. In a world of artificial coloring and digitally enhanced visual stimuli, the art of drawing has been overshadowed.  From the noise of the modern, I work towards something different. I crave simplicity, and drawing is the simplest way to capture an idea in visual form. Through observation and discovery, it reveals truth. From the first markings of our ancestors on cave walls, drawing has been an important tradition that deserves respect.

Drawing from life, photographs, or memory, I focus on the essence of the subject. I use the most basic elements of line, value, space, and texture to reveal a specific moment in time. I capture personality, emotion, or perhaps a fragment of a greater story. General themes of mortality, tragedy, and a mundane existence manifest themselves in my work, undoubtedly a reveal of my own experiences and aspirations. I am influenced by the chiaroscuro of Rembrandt, the spontaneity of Monet, and the timeless simplicity of Constantin Brancusi.