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Dennis Stierer

I have found over many years of making images, if you watch the light, beautiful photographs will naturally come your way. Being in sync with your inner self and your surroundings, photographs will naturally find you. This perception is what I bring to life with my photographs.

Most of my images are created using “old school” technology, a 5×7 wooden camera, exposing one negative at a time. Working this way is hard work, but work I love doing, as it gives me the time to enjoy the moment with the subject that has chosen me to capture it in that magic light.

My print-making is done in a traditional “wet” darkroom, developing negatives by hand, many, one at a time, using chemicals mixed from formulas of long ago. I make large prints from some negatives using a 40 year old enlarger with a cold light head on silver gelatin paper. The 5×7 negatives are contact printed using platinum/palladium metals because of the permanence, warm color, and the long tonal range that can be achieved using this hand coated emulsion on fine art paper.

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