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Audrey K Dowling

Art is as much as part of my life as breathing. I am always searching, thinking, composing, and being inspired. My art reflects that I have spent a great deal of my life out in nature. Drawing is as natural a process for me as talking is for most people. Even when I don’t actually have a pencil or paint brush in my hand I am still drawing and painting in my mind. I let things filter through my mind and flow via my brushes or drawing tools onto clay and other painting and printing surfaces.

My art goal is to make work that allows others to think about this world in which we have the pleasure of existing. I interpret what I see every day in the woods, lakes, oceans, mountains, creeks and gardens. Form is beautiful, color is exciting, movement is visually stimulating, and texture and patterns open my eyes and my heart to express myself.

Artist's Portfolio

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